Bergman Proprietary Red Wine promises an equilibrium between mountain and valley character. Every growing season is an intense dialogue between climate and vineyard, rhythmed by the seasons and interpreted by our family and[nbsp]team. 

Only with time does the powerful voice of the site soften to reveal its raw harmony and deeply layered character. We practice patience, listening intently and waiting until we know that the time is right to release a Bergman[nbsp]vintage. 

Our wine is driven by Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, with touches of Merlot and Petit Verdot. The composition is always distinctive, but aromatic consistency transcends[nbsp]vintage.  

On the nose, deep blue and spiced black fruits give way to layers of wild herbs and delicate floral aromas. The palate surprises with its vibrancy and firmness of structure. Cool, ripe fruit is layered with savory forest notes that come forward on the[nbsp]finish. 

Signature Flavors

Wild Blueberry, Plum, Cherry, Lavender, Thyme, Rose[nbsp]Petal, Baking[nbsp]Spices, Dry[nbsp]Forest[nbsp]Floor

A bottle of Bergman wine sitting in a dark background.


  • There is a deep comfort to be found in a year when the climate conforms to a vintner’s expectations and respects the regular rhythm of the seasons.

    Long summer days drifted into each other as gentle sunlight gradually drew our fruit toward an equilibrium of ripeness and freshness. Cool nights and recurrent morning mists revitalized the vines through even the warmest stages of the growing cycle, delivering signature mountain-valley vibrancy.

    The result is a wine that speaks of a moderate climate in an era of extremes. Profound intensity and structure are held within an ultra-fine tannic framework. Beneath primary layers of wild raspberry lies a deep, dense core of blue fruit, vanilla crème brûlée and freshly cut lavender.

  • Our strongest memories are made from moments that cannot be relived.

    The first Bergman vintage scarcely filled three barrels; the personality of our site and the events of an entire year concentrated into these few precious casks. We watched, impatient for clues that might reveal some facet of its character, but the wine remained impenetrable, ink-like, unyielding.

    Only after several years were we ready to call it Bergman, as our signature deep-blue and black fruit core gently came into sharp focus, finding harmony alongside savory notes of wild herbs and delicate rose petal. A firm, tight structure began to unwind and soften, revealing layer after layer of refined texture — a Bergman hallmark and a promise of longevity.